Passengers forced to pay extra at Mawa

No administrative officers in Mawa has seen to take action against them
While returning to workplace in Dhaka after Eid vacation, a huge number of passengers have been seen waiting at Mawa Bus counter in Munshiganj on Saturday.

Launches, sea boats, trawlers were seen carrying over loaded passengers from kewrakandi to Mawa.

It is alleged that each and every vehicles took extra fare but no administrative officers were seen to take action against them.

On the spot a Dhaka Tribune reporter has seen that every bus counter was full of passengers. Instead of 70 taka regular fare for Dhaka-Mawa route, 100 taka was being taken from every bus counter.

Dhaka bound passenger Shamsher Ali alleged that though the Mawa-Kawrakandi launch fare is 33 taka, he had to pay 50 taka to cross the river by launch.

Mawa Camp in Charge SI Khalid said: “The passengers have been seen paying extra fare. Action will be taken if definite allegation is made.”

Mawa port official Md. Mohiuddin said: “The passengers have increased after Eid vacation on Saturday. After 10.00am launches, sea boats and trawlers were seen carrying over loaded passengers but in the afternoon, the number of Dhaka bound passengers decreased.”