Padma bridge allocation won’t change: Muhith

padmaFinance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday said the allocation for the Padma bridge project would neither increase nor decrease in the revised budget of the current fiscal year.

He said the allocation would be Tk 2,100 crore in the revised budget.
“We will be able to spend the allocated fund this fiscal year. So, the allocation would not be increased or decreased,” he told reporters after a meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.

The minister reacted to the media reports that said the revised annual development programme would be increased to Tk 63,000 crore.

“It is not correct. It will not increase from the NEC-fixed budget of Tk 60,000 crore,” he said.

During a meeting between the finance ministry and the planning ministry on Monday, Muhith had said the allocation for the bridge would go up by Tk 3,200 crore, and would be included in the minutes of the last Thursday’s NEC meeting, according to a number of officials, who were present at the meeting.