Gas crisis mounts woes of Munshiganj townspeople

The townspeople of Munshiganj district and adjacent areas have been experiencing an acute gas crisis for two years, as the supplier companies cannot afford to cope with the demand.

Local sources said they have been getting gas only for 5/6 hours per day for the last two years due to insufficient supplies from the companies.

Gas supply normally keeps going at midnight and gets disconnected after 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning on a regular basis, causing untold sufferings to the townspeople.

The housewives in the areas have developed the habit of cooking food after midnight due to insufficiency of gas during day time.

Yet, the pressure is too poor to cook conveniently, making the female schoolteachers and office-goers the worst sufferers.

A housewife of Khaleast area in the town ventilated her utter frustration, terming the miseries unbearable.

Another housewife of Ransa area said she might fall sick, as she has to wake up on a regular basis at midnight to cook food.

Processions, rallies and other forms of demonstrations took place demanding an end to the gas crisis in the district, but all went in vain.

When asked about the sufferings of the people, Madhav Chandra Bishwas, a gas company official, said, “But, I do not see any remedy until new gas fields are discovered.”

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