Munshiganj stands with bauls

Cultural activists in Munshiganj have demonstrated against the humiliation of mystic folk singers – bauls. Local organisation Moner Manus Ashram on Wednesday formed a human chain, in which people of all walks of life took part.

The mystic folk singers of Rajbari had their locks cut and moustaches shaved cut forcibly at Pangsha Upazila on Apr 4. They were also forced to pray in a mosque as token penitence.

After the demonstration, the activists took part in a protest rally where speakers said that an anti-liberation group had performed this ‘shocking event’ to attack the country’s cultural heritage.

They also declared a protest rally for Saturday and said they would continue movement until the culprits were arrested.

Following the incident, cultural activists across the country have been demonstrating their support for bauls, while a parliamentary standing committee also recommended immediate measures against the culprits.