Four hurt in 'gunfight' with Rab

Four alleged muggers were bullet hit and arrested after a “gunfight” with Rapid Action Battalion Thursday night at the city’s Adabar.

They are Obhi Ahmed Rubel, 23, of Madaripur; Zakir Hossain, 24, of Munshiganj; Khokan Chandra Biswas, 22, of Dhamrai upazila of Dhaka, and Rafiqul Islam, 24, of Gazipur.

On information, a team of Rab-2 went to Shyamoli Sarak around 9:00am to arrest a gang of muggers, Rab sources said.

Sensing the presence of Rab personnel, the criminals opened fire on the law-enforcers, Rab said. The Rab members fired back, which left Rubel, Zakir, Khokan and Rafiqul bullet injured.

At one stage of the gunfight, the muggers other than the injured managed to flee the scene.

The Rab team then arrested the four muggers.

Two guns with two bullets and two machetes were also recovered from the spot.

Adabar police said all the four youths received bullets in their legs.