IDB approves $ 140m for Padma Bridge construction

The Board of Executive Director of IDB approved $ 140m to finance construction of the Approach Roads and Toll Plaza in the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh recently.

IDB is first among co-financiers (Abu Dhabi Fund, ADB, JICA and World Bank) of the Padma Multi-purpose Bridge Project (PMBP) to approve financing for this mega-project that will help to boost the economy of Bangladesh and improve connectivity in the region.

IDB believes that construction of PMBP will support the Government’s efforts of reducing poverty and inequity among people of south-west and bridging the project will also promote inter connectivity, reduce vehicle operating costs and travel time, and enhance traffic safety.

IDB is a trusted development partner of Bangladesh Since inception, the Bank has contributed to keeping the wheels of the economy removing through provision of energy inputs.

The Bank ahs recently financed an environmental-friendly decanting Single Point Mooring system for Eastern Refinery Ltd.

That will reduce wastage; reduce anchorage time of vessels unloading crude oil and refined petroleum products.

IDB continues to support NPRS through concessionary financing of social infrastructure in education, health and family welfare, alternative energy, rural and integrated agriculture development, feeder roads, among others.

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