New laws to punish stalkers: Nahid

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said that new laws will be formulated, if necessary, to give exemplary punishment to stalkers.

He was speaking at a rally at Baroikhali High School, of which a Grade-10 student committed suicide on Aug 11, after being harassed by a stalker named ‘Jahangir’. He was sent to jail on Friday.

Nahid said those including Jahangir responsible for her death will be given highest punishment. None will be spared. “If necessary, new laws will be formulated for this reason.”

The victim’s father filed a case with Srinagar Police Station accusing Jahangir, his brother Jakir Sheikh and father Jamal Sheikh of instigating the suicide.

Locals held Jahangir and handed over to police after Synthia’s death.

Investigation officer sub-inspector Aminul Islam said Synthia committed suicide fearing that Jahangir might physically harass her.

Police superintendent Shafiqul Islam told that the matter was a matter of great concern. “Such an incident is unfortunate since there was a committee at the school to address harassment.”