Navigability main problem

Mawa-Charjanajat Ferry Route
The Mawa-Charjanajat route, one of the two important ferry routes between Dhaka and southern-western region of the country, is facing serious navigability problem for smooth ferry movement.

The ferry route that normally faces navigability problem from the month of September is encountering the obstacle to the beginning of July this year.

Officials of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) stated this yesterday while talking to journalists during a visit to Mawa-Charjanajat ferry route.

Chief Engineer (Dredging) of the BIWTA Engr Md Abdul Matin and Executive Engineer Mashukul Alam spoke on the occasion.

Deputy Executive Director of Centre for Environment and Geographic Information Services Maminul Haque Sarker presented a power point on morphology of Padma river.

BIWTA sources said a hydrographic survey has been conducted by the BIWTA at Hajra and Magurkhanda- Nawdoba on Mawa-Charjanajat river route to measure navigability.

According to the survey, 5 to 6 feet depth is found at Hajra cross channel and 10 feet depth at Magurkhan-Nawdoba channel.

The sources said at least nine-meter depth is required for normal ferry movement. So Magurkhanda- Nawdoba channel has been selected for ferry movement.

Engr Matin said the BIWTA is dredging the Hajra channel with two dredgers from July 14 to increase its navigability.

But the dredging places at the channel are being filled with sediments, he added.

Engr Mashukul said the five-km ferry route would be reduced if navigability of Hajra channel is restored.

He said, “We will dredge 2,200 metres at the Hajra channel to restore navigability, which will save 40 minutes of ferry movement.”

Engr Matin said, “We have to add more dredgers to gear up dredging at the Hajra channel for overcoming navigability problem.”