2 muggers held while fleeing with Tk 1.52 lakh from Krishi bank

Two muggers were held while fleeing with Tk 1.52 lakh from the Krishi Bank at Kaderia Market in the town today. Identified as Nuru Sheikh, 55, of Kharakandi village in Faridpur and Babul Sheikh, 24, Rashghati village in Munshiganj district, they were thrashed before handing over to the police.

Bank officials said three men entered the bank at about 11 am in guise of clients. They kept close watch at handling of cash by the cashier. At one stage they snatched away the bundles of money.

The cashier raised an alarming cry. The guards of the bank managed to close the gate before two of the muggers could get out.

All the money was realized from them.