Cancellation of declaration of Amardesh protested

A human chain was formed in protest of the cancellation of declaration and sudden closure of Bangla Daily ‘Amar Desh’ and the arrest of its editor Mahmudur Rahman that evoked much anger and protest among the Munshiganj based print and electronic media journalists.

The huge human chain was formed in front of the supermarket area in the town to protest the closure. People from all strata joined the human chain in front of the Press Club. The participants carried various festoons and placards that read Bring back right to Information and Right to opinion. The journalists spoke in favour of the immediate publication of the Amardesh. The speakers expressed their deep concern over the closure of a popular daily like Amardesh. They called the government undemocratic and termed it as killer of democracy and demanded immediate publication of the same with release of its editor.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Munshiganj wing extended moral support to the Human chain and also demanded immediate release of the editor and republication of the closed daily Amardesh.

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