2 AL rival groups clashes in Munshiganj, Luxmipur leave 46 injured

Two rival groups of Awami League clashed at Mollakandi in sadar upazila today leaving 40 people wounded by gunshots and explosion.

The clash involving residents of 5 villages triggered for establishing supremacy in the ensuing Mollakandi union parishad election.

The rival groups, one led by sadar upazila AL vice-president Mustafa Molla and other led by district AL vice president Shah Alam Mallik. Both sides fired gunshots and homemade bombs leaving at least 40 people wounded including women, witnesses said.

Three siblings – Khalek, Alek and Malek – were rushed to Dhaka in a serious condition along 22 others. Nibarunnessa (35) is among the women wounded in the 3-hour fierce fighting with interruptions.

Police and RAB rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control at 4 pm.

The rival groups also fought on Monday last.

Another report from Luxmipur said clash between rival groups of Jubo League at Dighuli bazaar left 6 men wounded.

The rival groups led by Tajul and Belal fought with sharp weapons for controlling the CNG stand from where they used to collect tolls, local said.

Badly wounded Belal was rushed to Dhaka while others were admitted to local hospitals.