Certain quarter protects serial killer

Mamunur Rashid
Some quarters of the ruling party are allegedly trying to protect serial killer dacoit Shahid, who killed around 200 people as a hired killer or just for tolls, informed sources said yesterday.

Recently, Home Minister Sahara Khatun disclosed an updated list of 42 top terrorists minus the name of the Dacoit Shahid, a heinous serial killer.

Sources said dacoit Shahid, now hiding in Calcutta, use to collect money from the businessmen, industrialists and other rich people through his cohorts in the country. One of the foreign intelligence agencies helped them (terrorists) to flee the country, alleged the sources.

Some of the crime dons dominating Dhaka’s crime world from abroad have their lawyer’s panel to defend their associates involved in criminal activities. At least 15 to 20 lawyers are found to defend the cases of criminals to secure their bail. These criminals work for criminal don dacoit Shahid or others on the run.

At least 10 lawyers stood for bail of Bidyut, a professional killer employed by old Dhaka mafia don dacoit Shahid to kill Prem Krisna Roy, a gold merchant of Tanti Bazar.

A police officer seeking anonymity said a section of journalists and newspaper owners were also found helping them.

The most dreaded among all godfathers is dacoit Shahid who seems to have been controlling old Dhaka underworld.

Hundred of rich men most of them are Hindus in old part of the Dhaka have fallen to his bullets or his cohorts. But he was never taken to the custody. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Shahidul Huq told a briefing few days ago that the crime lord dacoit Shahid, now hiding in Calcuttra, would be arrested.

The crime world of Dhaka appears to be under his full control though he is hiding hundred mils away from the capital.

Dacoit Shahid was unbeatable every time as long as police chase him to nab. Police seem to be frustrated about this fugitive crime lord and told this correspondent how much you would write about him.

The name of dacoit Shahid resurfaced when his cohorts murdered two merchants- Prem Krishna and ward councillor Haji Ahmed in the city.

The followers of dacoit Shahid came out of their hideouts when they shot dead gold merchant Prem Krishna near old Dhaka Victoria park.

Earlier, Prem Krishna was asked to pay Taka two lakh as toll to the men of dacoit Shahid. As he refused to pay the money they killed Prem Krishna.

Bidyut and Kawsar, two professional killers of Dhaka crime world were arrested for involvement in these murders.

Bidyut disclosed during interrogation that dacoit Shahid has a vast network in old Dhaka. He has 50 members of Killing squad, most of whom are sharp shooter. The sharp shooters of dacoit Shahid are regularly replaced. A number of shooters were also killed in encounter with RAB and police.

Most of old Dhaka businessmen are enlisted as his regular toll givers. The toll varies from Taka two lakh to twenty lakh.

Dacoit Shahid, 40, hails from a village of Munshiganj. He was lastly spotted in Dhaka’s Dhalpur and Dolaipar areas in 2005. Since then he remained untraced. He becomes a dreaded serial killers in course of time.

BNP leader advocate Habibur Rahman, Sagir Ahmed, Jubo League leader Shimul, councillor Ahmad Hossain and Prem Krisna were all killed by the cohorts of dacoit Shahid.

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